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About Jurii Pitchugin and his techniqueШВС

The way to the mystery, perfection and mastership

Russian School of Medium’s Abilities Under the Direction of Yury Pichugin

Clairvoyance and Inner Vision, Healing and Paranormal Abilities

Yury Pichugin is a professional psychologist, a healer with long work experience, a researcher of mind trance conditions and their influence on human psychic abilities, the author of multiple techniques of clairvoyance, the originator of an efficient system of consistent development of paranormal abilities.
His system comprises the best ancient and modern practices in this field, including the latest discoveries in the psychology of perception. Yury Pichugin founded a school in Moscow, which provides consistent methodical training in this subtle, interesting and perspective subject. In this school the students learn to perceive the human aura, a realm of subtle energies and symbols, invisible to the common people.
That, indeed, opens up the unlimited possibilities of getting information about a person’s character, habits, intensions and hidden thoughts, health, relations with other people, future and past and many other things.
By familiarizing yourself with the taught techniques, you learn to get the exact answers to the specific questions, important to yourself. In our everyday life we often lack information on the specific matters and, therefore, are not able to make the right decisions. To get the right answers to your questions you learn to involve the deepest layers of your intuition and subconsciousness. These skills can fundamentally change your life, making it a lot happier and more interesting, and bring you to a higher personal and financial level. The inner energy practices and techniques of energy defense and aura purification will defend and save you from unpleasant events and illnesses. You will learn the techniques of improving your business and financial situation. You will learn to improve the health of your friends and relatives by practicing spiritual and energy healing.
Many of the taught techniques are unique and have practically no analogues.

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Training Program

  1. Chakras, meditations and mantras for their opening and improved functioning. Trance conditions of mind and trance practices.

  2. Information readout techniques: “flash photography”, “inner TV”, “hologram”, telepathic interaction.

  3. Personal diagnostics: remote perception of a person’s appearance, character and health.

  4. Diagnostics of personal relationships in three projections. Partners’ compatibility.

  5. Reading out the dates, viewing the past and the future.

  6. Reading astral symbols.

  7. Business and financial success technologies, psycho-magic and iconic programming.

  8. Unveiling the important past lives and karmic debts. Realization of the personal mission.

  9. Establishing contact with the Astral Teacher and rediscovery of your Higher Self.

  10. “Phantom transformation”, a universal technique of a person’s aura harmonization.

  11. Astral projection techniques. Mental time travels.

  12. Work with cosmic channels. Opening individual channels.